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Walking the Talk…

I read a lot of self-development books and attend a lot of self-development seminars and I’m always surprised at how often the “experts” don’t do what they teach. I wonder, if it’s so good, why don’t they use it?

I recently posted the second of three articles about achieving goals. It is about discipline. (The first article is about focus and written goals.) Unlike some experts, I strive to practice what I preach and recently accomplished two significant balanced-life goals. The first was becoming a lifetime member at Weight Watchers. I joined in October 2005, lost 20+ pounds, and achieved lifetime status in March. I’m still on track, under my goal weight, and feeling and looking great!

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Me and the Sunday New York Times…

“Charitable Spirit of Giving Time to Others” appeared in the Sunday Times (that’s THE NEW YORK TIMES!) on November 20, 2005. It was written by Paula Ganzi Licata and was about volunteering on Long Island. My “Little Brother” and I were fortunate enough to be included in the piece (even though they mispelled my last name).

The story presents Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island AND a variety of other wonderful volunteering ideas and options. If you’re thinking of giving of your time or money, check it out:

(there’s a funny picture of us, too)

I apologize for not posting the actual article. I didn’t want to violate their copyright and I didn’t want to pay $1000 for it either. I already have the hard copy!


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